Table , deleting multiple rows

Forgive me, I have blown out my Advance course gateway backup and am now trying to recall from memory several cool things we learned.

One in particular I am looking for an example of is the delection of several selected rows in a table.

I know in scripting there will be a for loop based on the number rows selected.
I just can’t recall the code to get the number of rows selected


Here you go:table = event.source.parent.getComponent("Table") data = selectedRows = table.getSelectedRows() for row in selectedRows: id = data.getValueAt(row, "id") system.db.runPrepUpdate("DELETE FROM Table WHERE ID = ?", [id]) ......Hope that helps.

Once again, thanks Travis.

Is there a refrence list of all these object goodies such as *.getselectedrows() ? I have been looking through the online documentation and cannot find anything

Yes, this one exists in Appendix A for the table component: … itable.htm