Table Display & Docked Window Question

Ok…I am just trying to make a table of rows and columns do display my monitored points within my PLC and their statuses for an overview page, but when i use the table that is included say for instance i have 36 points I am monitoring i can add the rows and columns but it leaves a huge space at the bottom of the table where rows don’t exist and if i re-size the table it changes it to a scroll bar…is their not a way to just add rows one at a time so I am not left with the rest of the table showing with no rows and worrying about resizing problems? Also, has the issue with docking a top window all the way across the top and docking a left docked navigation window beneath it? I have only been able to make left window dock from top of the screen to the bottom and I would rather have it dock from bottom of screen to top docked window that spans that full screen…any info would be appreciated…thanks

I’m sorry but why are you using the table component? It doesn’t sound like it’s what you’re looking for at all.