Table Displaying Multiples of data per second

I have configured tags to be stored by a tag group in the Sample Mode. The tag group is a driven mode and is based on a value of a discrete tag in the driving expression. The tag group is only set to run when the value is true at every 10 seconds. Every tag in the table is set to the same tag group and is set to display "AsStored" on the table. I am unsure of what setting I need to change so that it only stores the values every 10 seconds and only displays the As Stored values correctly. I could very easily be misunderstanding something simple.

Photo 1- Table Data: Query Mode = AsStored , Time Range=Historical

Ignition Table

Photo 2- Tag Group Config: driving expression is a discrete tag.

Photo 3- Tag Editor History Config:

Ignition Tag Editor

Is "Max Time Between Samples = 0 hours" the problem?
I usually use this in tag history to ensure that I get at least one reading per day or per hour so that there's always some value returned in a date range query. With 0 hours it may be running furiously.

Try making it 24 hours.

When you use "Wide" return mode with multiple tags, it is likely that each tag's timestamp is slightly different from others (even just milliseconds). When "wide" mode combines the results, it shows every unique timestamp among all of the tags, and fills in with prior values to show valid values where necessary.

I recommend you never use "wide" mode with "As stored" results.


Ah, that brings back some memories. That must be why I haven't done that for years! I'd forgotten the problem.