Table Editing

I have some questions about the table component and the edit feature of it.

What it seems like is the editable cell kind of responds like the protected setting on an entry box. You know where you have to double click in the object to obtain focus and start entry. Would this be a correct statement?

I have been trying this and maybe it is not even possible. I have the table setup, I have the column set as edit, and I have the selection as multiple. What I am attempting to do is select multiple rows and as I type or delete it will do that same function to all selected cells.

I have also been trying to find out what I might have set wrong in that when I double click on a cell, instead of highlighting all the text in that cell, it only highlights that last word. Is this normal?

Thanks and have a great day.

No, you can highlight the cell and just start typing. You don't have to double-click.

You're right, this is currently not supported.

No, it doesn't do this for me. If you triple-click you get this behavior.