Table entry stopped working

I have several screens with tables on a touchscreen HMI. The operator can edit the values in the tables by double clicking (tapping) on a cell. For some reason the numeric entry no longer appears when they double click. Nothing had changed so I am perplexed on why it no longer works.

Any ideas?

Make sure the touchscreen mode property of the component is set to double click. Also make sure touchscreen mode is enabled for the client. If those are ok, check the console to see if any error messages pop up when you double click on the cell. Let us know.

I checked the properties of the table component and do not see anything related to the touchscreen mode. I will check the log as you mentioned and get back to you.

Touchscreen mode is enabled and the numeric entry dialog does appear when using the numeric entry component. It has only stopped working for the table component.

I couldn’t find any errors in the gateway log. No errors come up in the client. I went into the designer and selected the “Emulate touchscreen” to test it in the designer preview. I saved it and ran it on the client and it started working again.

Normally, the “Emulate Touchscreen” does not have to be selected. I have the configuration set to touchscreen mode so I thought that would be enough.

Emulate Touchscreen affects the Designer only… I guess we would have had to look at the system while it was ‘broken’ in order to come up with a definitive cause of this issue.