Table Error

Since I upgraded to 7.13, I’ve been getting an odd error when opening windows for the first time (it happens in both the clients and designer). I never saw it before the upgrade, and I had changed nothing in the project:

edit: Something else is different too, and may be related. When I open the table customizer, change something and then click “ok”, the table customizer doesn’t always close. It will close maybe one out of ten times, but I don’t see a pattern. I end up clicking “cancel”, but it seems weird to use the cancel button to exit a wizard if I’m not actually canceling changes.

A number of changes were made to tables in Ignition 7.1.3.

This error occurs with tables that were originally imported from a legacy FPMI gateway backup file.

Tables with this error can currently be fixed by going into the Table Customizer for a table and changing the Horiz Align value for any column that is set to “Auto” to the value “Center”. And then pressing OK. After that you can change the columns back to “Auto” if you want to.

Actually, none of these tables were imported from an fpmi project. Is this fix still going to work? I have a lot of screens and a lot of tables, and don’t want to do this more than once.

After more testing I found that if a table column has a Translation List mapping and its horizontal alignment is set to “Auto” then this error is thrown.

Tables that do not have such columns are not affected.

Changing the horizontal alignment of such columns to something other than “Auto” makes the error go away.

This is corrected for the next version.

Any estimate on when the next update will go out? I’ve gone through all of my tables and I’m still getting errors on some of them. This is one I’m getting right now. Can you tell what is causing it?:

Hi Step7,
Can you export a window with this table and upload it here? Or email it to me at

Thanks, it’s on its way.


I imported the window into Ignition 7.1.2 and Ignition 7.1.3.

The error gets thrown in Ignition 7.1.2, but not in Ignition 7.1.3.

Try upgrading to Ignition 7.1.3.

I am running 7.13 (see first post).

Sorry for the confusion - this has been fixed in 7.1.4 which will be out on Tuesday. A development release is currently available.

All is good. The first error was due to a change in 7.13, but the second error I posted was due to one gateway running v7.12 and the other running 7.13 side by side. 7.14 will make everything happy again. :slight_smile: Thanks for the prompt attention, as usual.