Table expandSubviews() on first load

We've added self.expandSubviews() to the change script for the data of a Table component. This forces the expansion in all cases except the first page load. I'm sure it's a timing issue (e.g. the view isn't fully defined, so there's nothing to expand at the time of the call), but I'm hoping for a simple place to move the call.

Is there a "the page is fully loaded" hook somewhere where we can do the expansion so it works on even the first load?

Or if my thinking about the root cause is not correct, can someone provide a solution?

Try a change event action for the table's data.

Sorry, but is your answer different than " the change script for the data of a Table component" as shown below? I may be missing the difference.

And I forgot to say that we also tried adding the call to the transform() script of the data binding, but still see the same issue.

Whoops, too early in the morning.

My uncaffeinated brain substituted "view startup".