Table filter in Perspective

I have a problem filtering data in a table (perspective). I use the built-in filtering function on the component. I have a column ID that is primary key 1,2,3 and so on and I want to be able to search for specific numbers. If I write e.g. 5 in the search field I also get 15,25,35 and so on. Have looked in the manual how the filter works but there are not many features. Have also tested with different wildcards *,% etc but nothing works. Is there a good solution? Had hoped to avoid filtering on my Queries

The table filtering is a strict “string contains”, so if any row contains what is typed into the input as a substring of any of the columns, then that row will be displayed. In your case, since “5” is a substring of “25”, you will see the row which contains “25”.

Any open feature requests to restrict filtering to specific columns? If not I’ll add one. Some tables we have detailed descriptions of items that we do not want the filter to pick up on when searching.

Using wildcards for text filtering seems nice, although as this is user-accessible by design, I don’t think it should get too complicated. Using something like a Text Area to add a parameter to a query seems like a much more robust way to do a specific column filter.