Table formatting bug

I think I’ve found a fairly subtle bug in table formatting.

I have a table in a window (see attached Window 2) whose data property is tied to a [Client] dataset testData. This dataset has 4 columns with the following headings and types: 1 (string), 2 (integer), 3 (float) and 4 (double). The formatting for the 3 number columns is set to show a defined number of decimal places.

I open Window 2 using one of 2 buttons on Window 1 (also attached). One button (“OK”) creates a dataset with one line of data in it before opening Window 2 - this data is displayed with the correct formatting. Pressing the button in Window 2 adds another line, also with the correct formatting. The other button (“Faulty”) creates an empty dataset before opening Window 2. When the button in Window 2 is pressed to add a new line of data to the empty table, the formatting information of the table is ignored and the data is displayed in its raw form.

How can I preserve the formatting of the table, yet open it with no data already displayed?
Table formatting bug.fwin (17.6 KB)

That is a subtle one… I agree, its a bug.

Try this for a workaround. Change the code of “Faulty” to:

header = ["1", "2", "3", "4"] data = [] data.append(["One",1,1.000001,1.000001]) # sets the types newDataSet = fpmi.dataset.toDataSet(header, data) newDataSet = fpmi.dataset.removeRow(newDataSet,0) fpmi.tag.writeToTag("[Client]testData",newDataSet) fpmi.nav.openWindow("Window 2")