Table Functions?

i was looking at the help for the Table component in the User’s Manaul and noticed it lists many functions for editing the table. Ex., AddRow(), DeleteRow(), UpdateRow(), etc.
Unfotunately I am unable to make them work.
How are these used from a button outside the table? How is the table referenced?
Thanks in advance,

From a button outside of the table do the following:[code]table = event.source.parent.getComponent(“Table”)
table.addRow([col1, col2, col3, …])

or another function like exporting

table.exportCSV(“table.csv”, 1)[/code]Hope that helps

Can you tell me how to get the value of a selected cell?
I need to be able to select a row of a table and then get the values of the columns in the selected row.
i see .SetValue which allows for setting a cell vallue indicated by row and column. is there an equivalent to Get the value?

You can do the following:table = event.source.parent.getComponent("Table") data = selectedRow = table.selectedRow if selectedRow != -1: value = data.getValueAt(selectedRow, "ColumnName")

Thanks so much. This is perfect.
Where should I have found the .getValueAt function?
is exactly what i was looking for but couldn’t manage to find it.

It’s in the help file under Scripting->Python->Python in Ignition->Working with Different Datatypes