Hi all,

Sorry for this dummy question, but…

I checked everywhere and, when I want to get selected row number, I can use .getSelectedRowCount().

Please, could someone tell me whats wrong here?

Im using this script in the button and Im getting this error;

If the problem at command, please correct me with correct one.

Btw, I tried v8.1.9 and v8.1.12

Based on the error, it seems like getSelectedRowCount is being called on something other than a Table component. Are you certain the name of the table you’re trying to access is Tbl_Employess?

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For debugging, I’d recommend printing both the component you’re getting and it’s full type (literally just print type(someVariable)

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A power table does not have the getSelectedRowCount() function, which is probably what you are using.

Vision - Power Table - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation (

For power tables, do this instead

a = len(event.source.parent.getComponent('Tbl_Employees').getSelectedRows())

Also, I just noticed a probable typo, you have Tbl_Employess instead of Tbl_Employees

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Ah, thank you. you’re right using power table and with len() its working :pinched_fingers:

you caught me… even table real name is Employess, I noticed when you said…