Table group / nested query problem

I have a problem using table groups with a nested query back-end. It seems that trying to print each new row of the parent table on a new page (New page per row option) stops the first time the child table has no data. So if I have 10 rows in the parent table, I expect to get 10 pages (assuming that all the child data fits on a single page; it does). However, when there are not linked rows in the child table for a given parent table record, the report stops at this record and, obviously, less than 10 pages.


I am having the same problem. Did you find a solution?

Sorry I just saw this. Yes, I don’t have the application loaded, and it’s been a while since I looked at it but I think the solution comes down to how the tables are nested. I think there might be another forum thread with more detail. Try looking at some of my other posts, and if you still can’t get it I might be able to spend a little more time with you, depending on what your application is.

It’s ok. It was more of a convenience and I have to transition to other tasks. I just figured I’d ask in case there was something silly that fixes it.