Table Grouping in Reporting Module

Hi there.,
I am using Reporting module with table grouping and nested query. I am facing following issues with it:

  1. Why does it take long time to load the report with Nested query? It takes almost 2-3 minutes to load the report it shows loading… only
  2. I have 5 cols, of which 1-2 & 5 are from parent table and 3-4 cols uses child table data key. When data from child key presents on table component of report, it adds one blank cell on parent details row. pl suggest

For part 1 I would steer clear of nested queries. A nested query will run for every row of the parent query, depending on the setup, you could end up running way more queries that you think. I had this problem a while back, and I found that I could completely get rid of nested queries with table joins and made the report exponentially faster.

For part 2, I’m not sure. It might be helpful to post a picture of the table.

If you want a variable report format, where parts of the report vanish when not needed, you must use nested queries. Or, get a nested query structure via script. That is, query efficiently with joins, then reformat into a new data key with nested keys programmatically. See this topic for the basic procedure:


Here is a pic.,
number #25 is data coming from Parent Table and line below is from child table