Table header bug

Hi guys,
I encountered a weird bug in which a table within a template, placed in a container that’s not immediately visible (its visible property is bound to tabStrip.selectedTab) will have its headers with no margins:


If I mouse hover, then the margins appear:

Steps to reproduce using the exported templates below:

  1. Preview Mode: click on first tab ‘Container 1’.
  2. Save project (it will exit preview mode).
  3. Preview Mode: click on second tab ‘Container 2’, and don’t put your mouse over the table.
    • The table headers won’t have margins.
  4. Preview Mode: put your mouse over the table.
    • The margins will appear. (10.4 KB)

My current workaround is to run the following script when Container2 (and therefore the table) becomes visible:

from javax.swing import SwingUtilities
jtable = x.getTable()
tableHeader = jtable.getTableHeader()