Table - Hide a column in perspective

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I’m trying to work on a table in perspective, and I have the data binded to a named query but I need some columns hidden. Is there a way to hide them in perspective? Thank you

Use the columns property to do this.

  1. Add a new column configuration for each column you want to display.
  2. Set props.columns[x].field to the case-sensitive name of the column of data you want represented. If using a dataset, this value should be a case-sensitive match of the header of the DataSet column.

Using the default data in the table as an example, let’s say that I only want to display columns for “city” and “population” - I do NOT want to display “country” as a column.


  1. Add two column configurations, because I want two columns.
  2. Set props.columns[0].field to have a value of “city”.
  3. Set props.columns[1].field to have a value of “population”.
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You’re awesome. Thank you!

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