Table Hide a Row

Is there a way to hide a row or set the row height to zero on either the Table or Power Table component?

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Good Afternoon,
I accomplished the task with the following syntax:


This is done within the Powertable component by utilizing the extension functions, which can be reached by right clicking the component and selecting “scripting” which will show a list of available functions to setup. For this example I used the double click extension function (OnDoubleClick) which we will use to change a selected rows height to 0. For these changes to stay the tables polling mode will need to be off and use a “Refresh” button to renew the screen. Keep in mind if you wanted to assign a button or another component to complete the action of hiding the code will resemble the following:

rows = event.source.parent.getComponent(‘PowerTable’).getSelectedRow()



Thank you, that is exactly what I needed.

Is there any intention of implementing a similar function into the tables in perspective?

I think that’s a different topic and that you should start a new thread.
When you’re doing that you should explain where the data is coming from and why the row can’t be deleted at source - either by SQL query or script transform.