Table Image Mapping

I must be missing something obvious, but if I use image mapping on a table, is there a way to display no image on certain values? For instance, if the value is zero, display no image, if one, display image 1, if two, display image 2, etc.

Right now, if the cell has a value that isn’t mapped, it displays the value. If I leave the image path blank, it displays a red x. Instead, I just want the cell to be blank.

Use an empty/transparent image :smiling_imp:

And just in case you don’t feel the need to make one yourself, here is a 1x1 transparent GIF.

Yes, I have used a dummy image before, but I didn’t make myself clear. I have a case where a column value could be anywhere from, say, 1 to 100, but only want to display an image when the value is 6 and 11. With the dummy image approach, I’ve got to explicitly enter every possible value that the column could have. I just thought there might be a way to make the column display a blank if it couldn’t map it.

Right now, I create a dummy column to reduce the choices, but wanted to eliminate that step.

You might want to post a separate feature request thread to be able to define the “default” or “undefined” image for an “image column” in a table.

FYI, 7.5 will be about usability, UI consistency, minor bugs, and documentation, so it is a good time to post these sorts of issues - that is, well considered minor features that would smooth out development. For example, my wishlist feature is to be able to browse possible parameters on a target window when passing parameters during navigation. There are lots of these types of items, so you’ll be best focusing on specific issues that others will be able to relate to.