Table in designer vs. client launch

Hi - I’m using a table populated with a database table that “looks” like it is working fine in the designer - no errors shown and the data that I want is in the table in the correct place. When I launch the project the table appears with the data as it was in the designer but I get the “bad” indication across the table showing (I think) that the SQL property binding is not correct - if I could see the problem in the designer I could probably figure it out…


There may be some additional information in the client. In the client go to help then select diagnostics. The log viewer tab may display some error messages related to this and may offer some additional information.

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The error that shows up is - ERROR(319): Panel Edition: unable to invoke function “RunQuery”

So…Panel edition limits some SQL functionality? I am already pulling data from individual records into DB tags but it looks like queries of multiple fields or multiple records is not allowed?

Example -
SELECT max(Record) FROM line_data_1_2 - works fine and this value is assigned to a tag…but

SELECT DownTimeCause FROM downtimelist - for a dropdown list shows perfectly in design mode and preview mode but with the launched Panel Edition, the data shows, but it shows behind the overlay as a bad data source - and the dropdown list will still allow selection of any item in the list… similar to the attached table image…

When I remove the objects with this (or similar) scripts there is no more error.

The Panel edition does not allow SQL queries to be made from the Vision Module. The reason the queries in the tags work is because SQLTags live in the Gateway.