Table - Indirect Tag / Cell update


I would like to know if there is a solution to below; I am currently using 7.5v

Here I have the Readings which are restricted to one site, I want whenever I select a site using dropdown I want the readings to change in this table.

Is it POSSIBLE ? through any means

Currently, I am using Cell update to get readings on only one site, I am looking for readings from various sites;

Instead of using tags in your cell bindings, create a set of custom properties for these values, plus a string for the shared tag folder name. Use indirect binding to bring the correct folder of values to the individual properties, then use cell bindings to pull those values into your dataset.

Thank you so much, this really helped my problem, however, once I have the values it’s somehow making my values in the dataset as -1 which is making a problem at RUN.

For all sites the dataset are showing accurate values, but when it comes to the Linear scale its routing all thru my indirect tags but takes"-1" making the Linear scale or dataset table go red as if it had some error.

If anyone has any solution, Please let me know;

The red overlay suggests you have a typo somewhere in your bindings, yielding “Bad Quality” and the error indication.

Thank you, I really am appreciating your quick responses.

However, I found that I had taken the customer properties as a string, which is why it was showing the red overlays, I changed it to as per the Value type of the Sensors and its all fixed now.

Thank you once again.