Table information

Hello guys, good morning.

I have a table where im registering the last 30 consoles sold, that table is not from a database. I’m using the cell update binding to register the data.

Now i want to display that data on a numeric text field for a certain console model sold.

I’m looking for a way to run a SQL Query on the table but i don’t see how without the table being in a database.

Is there a way to retrieve that information? For example how many consoles sold within those last 30 records?

Best regards.

You’ve just described my view() expression function, from the (free) Simulation Aids module. It lets you use Pseudo-SQL to “query” an existing dataset.

(Broken in Ignition v8 at the moment, though…)

Thanks for the help!

Updated Simulation Aids module for v8 is here:

It fixes some argument-checking bugs in the recorder() function.