Table - Limit Selectable Cells

Wondering if there's a way to limit what column of cells is selectable. I can disable selection for the entire table via the Enabled prop, but wondering if I could do this for an entire column?

If it's for editing purposes, you can set Editable to false on each column.

In general, when you use the props.selection property, this will show every column that is present in the property.

... and you'll probably need to have set each column's field property to the datasource column name - if you haven't already.

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What I ended up doing here is making a duplicate table and deleting the columns I didn't want selectable and hiding the one that I did want selectable and overlaying them in a group.

As far as the popup goes, I ended up just using a button external to the table. Instead of double clicking the cell, select the cell you want. When you've selected a valid cell, the button is enabled and parameters to the popup are filled in from the selected cell.