Table lower cases all column headers except the first one

I’m sure it didn’t do this before.

Well, the table headers come from the dataset column name initially. You can override the header in the table customizer and set it to whatever you would like. Check your SQL query or underlying dataset.

My query clearly has capitals in the column names. If fact I am renaming the columns in the query.
I have also tried editing the column names in the customizer dataset.
Still only the first column is capitalized.

Sample query:

"SELECT name as \"Point Name\" ,intvalue as State ,\ case dataintegrity when 192 then 'Good'\ when 32 then 'Not Reported'\ when 24 then 'Comm Failed'\ else 'BAD'\ end as Status\ FROM sqlt_core\ WHERE path = '"+event.source.parent.Device+"/' and datatype = 6"

I think it’s the double quotes around the column name in the select statement. By default, the column names are case insensitive. Quotes will preserve the case of the column name, while a lack of quotes will default to lower case for MySQL, upper case for Oracle, etc.


Is your table’s data dataset bound to a SQL query or a runScript expression? For me if I bind the dataset to a SQL query it gives me the correct column headers. Maybe you can send a copy of the window with the problem for us to check out?

I think it's the double quotes around the column name in the select statement.

I’m talking to a Postgres DB. The double quotes are required because of the space in “Point Name”.
Single qoutes causes errors and he select fails to execute, as does no quotes.

Of course now that I think about it, the first column is the one column name that is quoted so maybe that’s why the column name works. I’ll give it try later.

You got it Travis. After quoting the other column names, they all displayed correctly.
Must be a PostGres thing. :imp: