Table not available

When I setup a new group in FSQL and try to start it I get the error " Table Not Available".
Automatically create table is checked.
Sometimes it works, sometimes not.
I am already doing some logging so the db-connection is ok.

Any ideas?


The dialog that comes up says “Table not available, do you want to continue to start?”. If you select “No”, it should show you another dialog with the error that occurred. Double click on the message, and there should be a bit more info. What does it say?

On the other hand, when the first dialog comes up, if you select “Yes” to start the group, what happens? The group should error out each execution, but what error messages do you get on the Status Tab of the group?

Also, what database are you using, and are you using a native or odbc connection?


Thanks Colby for the reply.

The problem occurs only with block groups.
When I move an OPC item to that group i.e. “Spanning15” it works.
When I move an item like “Spanning Motor 15” it doesn’t.

Could the spaces in the tag be the problem?
It seems to be.

Well, if that’s what is being set for the item name/field name, then certainly, the spaces would be the problem.

It’s important to remember that the field names can be whatever you want them to be- it’s the name of the column that your tag will map to. FactorySQL tries to use the name of the item as the default, but you can certainly change it. It’s supposed to try and make sure the name it OK for the database, such as replacing spaces with underscores, but I don’t know why that’s not working here…

So, you should be able to just modify the field name to not have spaces (or other illegal characters, which depends on the database), like Spanning_Motor_15, and get it running.

If you have lots of items, you can select your group(s), right click and select “search and replace”. Just search the field name for space, and replace with an underscore _.