Table not connecting when launching the project

Hello all

I have an issue.

I am using a RPI 3 with the latest Debian OS and latest Ignition Server available for it. It runs well in it. I have also configured a MySQL Database (MariaDB) in the RPI and made a python code to fill it. Table is updating ok.

I have configured the Database Connection from the Ignition server page and it says it is valid. Also, when I create a table and link it to show a database table data, it does show it in the Ignition Designer.

However, when i launch the program, the database connection seems to not connect, and the data is not shown.

I upload some pictures regarding my proble.

The server is running on the RPI 3. The designer is run in my laptop (Windows 10 up to date) and i am also launching the server in my laptop for test.

If more information is needed i will look for it.

Thanks in advance

Jose Alvarado Ruiz

Look in your project’s security properties for legacy database query permission.

Here? Should I write something in the text box?

Thank you so much! It worked :smiley:
I didnt know MySQL in RPI was a legacy database…

It’s not the database that’s legacy, it’s the access method. Ignition is moving toward named queries as the preferred method to interact with any database, as it’s more secure and robust.