Table Query Binding not clearing on empty dataset

I have a table that has the DATA property bound by a Query. Here is the query:

displayPath AS ALARM
FROM test.alert_log
WHERE active_TimeStamp between date(’{Root}’) and date(’{Root}’)

The problem is that when the query returns an empty dataset the table doesn’t update. All the data from the previous query still remains in the table. For example, I set the calendar fromDate and toDate to days in the future which returns an empty dataset, but the table still shows data from a previous query that did return data.

I used the Query browser to verify that the query is valid and it does work correctly.

I am missing something…

Do you get a red overlay or an error that pops up?

No overlays and no errors.

Drag in a new table component and try binding the data to the same query. Do you get the same results?