Table Query

How can I use a single popup calendar to generate a db query to populate a table with the 24-hours of data for the selected date?

You can add a dynamic property to the popup calendar called date2 that is bound to the following expression:dateArithmetic({Root Container.Popup}, 24, "hour")You can now use both the date and date2 properties in your SQL query. Something like:SELECT * FROM Table WHERE TStamp >= '{Root Container.Popup}' AND TStamp <= '{Root Container.Popup Calendar.date2}'

Thanks Travis. I’ll give it a try.

Is there a way to have the initial calendar date be automatically set to “Todays” date when the window is opened?

Sure, just bind the date property to the following expression:now(0)When the window opens it will be set to the current date.

Thanks Travis. Is there a way to force the time to always be 12AM. The now(0) expression returns the current time, and I need it to always be set at 12AM.

You can do the following:toDate(dateFormat(now(0), 'yyyy-MM-dd 00:00:00'))