Table question - Column Attributes Date


Table question - Column Attributes Date

Q1: Is it possible using “Column Attributes Date” to resize width of columns (to be precise: to set initial width of columns).

Q2: Is there any way to manually arrange rows (move up/down) to match column order in SQL query? Reason for this is whenever I open “Table Customizer” somehow all rows in “Column Attributes Date” are changed their original positions.

Thank you

The Column Attributes Data is automatically filled in whenever you open the Table Customizer and press OK and the rows cannot be reordered.

If you open the Column Attribute Data table after it’s filled, the last column will be labeled Width. Here you can input an exact value for the width of the columns (the default will be 100). Just be aware that this column width can be affected by the size of the client window (can be scaled). You can adjust this by right-clicking the component and changing the Layout options.