Table resize column

I was wondering, in the table component of FPMI, is there a way to auto resize the data in a particular column?

Example: say the initial size of the column is 18 pixels high and has a capacity to display upto 25 characters across. When data is entered for this column and the data is longer than 25 characters it would do something like a word wrap and at the same time increase the height of the cell so that all the data entered would be displayed.

Thanks and have a great day.

Sorry, no, the table’s row height is fixed.

You can easilly bind a larger, label on the screen to the selected row’s value for the column you care about in a manner that will automatically wrap the text using an expression like this:

if( {Root Container.Table.selectedRow} != -1, "<HTML>" + ({Root}[{Root Container.Table.selectedRow}, "My Column"]), "" )

Hope this helps,