Table Row Version Key report Designer


Is it possible to have more than one condition in the table row version key. What I want is to be able to do is highlight the rows in a table base on three conditions. < 500 then red, >500 and < 600 yellow, > 600 green. I have the red working but when greater than 500 just reverts to custom.
On a similar issue is it possible to create a row version to highlight rows that are a period of time old such as one month old from now and if so what would the syntax be.



Yes it is possible. The different expressions used would be separated by a colon. Here is an example of what I did, and this will also touch bases on different colors for different rows.


To set row color based on a value you will set the row versioning. Click where it says “Standard” on your table. You should see a drop down, select Add Custom. Give it a name. Now select a color. For my table I created A1 which is green and B2 which is blue. You can see in my expression how they work. Here is the link to the user manual as well.


Worked perfectly