Table row versioning question

I am trying to figure out what to put in the version key to get my row to change colors
i made a row and changed all the fills on it to red and named it Idle Row

this is what i was trying to put in the version key, ive tried many many variants but i cannot seem to find out what is wrong

allstatus is a key that just shows the status of the machine , I want it so if the machine is Idle it will change to the Idle fill color

@allstatus@=“Idle”?“Idle Row”:“Standard”

any ideas where i am going wrong?

Well I have no idea what you actually tried, so I can’t tell you what’s wrong.

But If I understood correctly, you want to color table rows dynamically, based on a status. Is that status specified in each row ? Does you table have a status column ?

Psst! Be sure to tell us you’re using the reporting module. :wink:

Try using ==.

yeppers , I have a status column and the key for that column is @allstatus@

and it created a status in each row next to the timestamp it was made
T_stamp Status
so it will be like

                      7:00AM         Idle 
                     7:01AM          Idle
                     7:02AM           Off

and i was trying to get it so if it says Idle then the whole row is a certain color but if it says Off its a different color

I am using the reporting module!!

I have tried many various combinations in that version key spot and none of them work

some examples are

@allstatus@=“Idle”?“Idle Row”:“Standard”

@allstatus=“Idle”?“Idle Row”:“Standard”@

@allstatus@=Idle?“Idle Row”:“Standard”

allstatus=Idle?“Idle Row”:“Standard”

@allstatus@==“Idle”?“Idle Row”:“Standard”

and so on and so forth , im not sure if its because idle needs to be in “” (or doesnt need to be in “”) or if because the key doesnt need @ or does need @ , theres a lot of factors that could be making it not work

Should be allstatus=="Idle"?"Idle Row":"Standard"

Be sure that the spelling is correct, no extra spaces, etc. Been caught by that once or twice.


You almost certainly do not want a keychain expression in the version key field.

You would just put allstatus in your version key field, then make a row version named "Idle Row".

it worked!! thank you