Table selectedRow does not change when selecting interval

If I have a table component with “single interval” selection mode, when I click and drag my mouse across multiple rows, or select additional rows by holding control or shift and clicking, the selectedRow propertyChange should fire off. It only fires when I am selecting an interval from the bottom up. We have screens that drive easy chart date values off of the min/max date in selected intervals of a table, so it’s kind of hosing us up.

It worked back in 7.1.6. I’ve seen this issue in 7.2.7 and 7.2.9. We are currently constrained to staying in the 7.2.x versions.



I’m having the same issue on version 7.6.2. I think it’s caused because ‘selectedRow’ holds the first row selected in the interval. But if you select row from top to bottom, the first row remains the same and the propertyChange event does not gets triggered.

May be you should consider to add a ‘selectedRows’ property so it will trigger whenever the interval changes and not just the first row.