Table selection info

In a table how can I set one column as editable if a user is part of a certain role. I can get the roll with something like this:

lookup({[System]Client/User/RolesDataSet}, "MyRole", "", 0, 0) != ""

How do I set that to allow edit for one column?

Next question,

If I have table set to multiple select how do I get the record ID numbers of all the rows selected? Wish to feed this info into a filter for another table.

Once you have made a change to the table properties, you can set up a Cell Update binding on the Column Attributes Data property. Just bind the appropriate cell to a dynamic property that holds whether the current user has the required role.

You can get a list of the selected rows with the tables getSelectedRows() function. More on it here: localhost:8088/main/system/help/ … itable.htm