Table setSelectedColumn

The table setSelectedColumn script exhibits unusual behavior. If I have a “cell edited” script and within that script have the line "setSelectedColumn(7) and then edit column 1, when I press “enter” the next column selected is, correctly, column 7. Same for columns 2-6. However, if I am editing column 7 and press enter, the next column chosen is not 7 but rather 8 in violation of the setSelectedColumn(7) command.

This behavior is causing me a problem in a “cell edited” event where I am monitoring the data being entered to make sure it is in range. If it isn’t in range, I pop up a message box informing the operator of the error and then have the script select the column they just entered so they can try again. I can’t get it to happen. I can select any other column but not the one they just edited.

Version 7.5.8

It looks like this is working for me in version 7.6.4, have you updated to the latest 7.5? If so are you still seeing this issue?