Table subview can not reference itself

Perspective 8.1.15

I have an embedded view name “evSummaryTable”, containing a single table object.
As params to the embedded view, I pass set of data, a filter, groub-bys, etc.
The view filters, groups, totals, etc. the data based on the params, and displays it in the table.

The table has the subview option enabled,. and the params to the subview are bindings which update the filters, group-bys, etc. such that you can “drill down” into the data.

Unfortunately, I get an error if the subview viewPath is set to itself (ie. evSummaryTable). If I make a copy of evSummaryTable (eg. evSummaryTable2) with no other changes, and set the viewPath to that, it works.

To recreate without any special bindings, etc.
Create an embedded view, “evTest”. Add a table component to it. Let it display the sample data.
On the table component, set the subview.viewPath = “evTest”. Try to expand the subview. You get an error.

Any thoughts?