Table Subview TypeError On Click

I’m using Ignition 8.0.16 Perspective and discovered that whenever I click on a subview area, I get an uncaught TypeError sent to the console. I can see this happen both in the designer and via the developer tools on Chrome. For example:

14:58:16.478 [Browser Events Thread] INFO Perspective.Designer.BrowserConsole - onerrorLogger: {"stack":"TypeError: Cannot read property 'city' of undefined\n    at U (http://localhost:8088/res/perspective/js/PerspectiveComponents.de12fb8cbcce7d1d9447.js:72:110786)\n    at z (http://localhost:8088/res/perspective/js/PerspectiveComponents.de12fb8cbcce7d1d9447.js:72:110829)\n    at columnOrder.reduce (http://localhost:8088/res/perspective/js/PerspectiveComponents.de12fb8cbcce7d1d9447.js:72:65673)\n    at Array.reduce (<anonymous>)\n    at P.getAllRowData (http://localhost:8088/res/perspective/js/PerspectiveComponents.de12fb8cbcce7d1d9447.js:72:65653)\n    at P.handleSingleSelection (http://localhost:8088/res/perspective/js/PerspectiveComponents.de12fb8cbcce7d1d9447.js:72:84037)\n    at P.handleBodyClick (http://localhost:8088/res/perspective/js/PerspectiveComponents.de12fb8cbcce7d1d9447.js:72:79839)\n    at Object.Bi (http://localhost:8088/res/perspective/js/react-dom.production.min-16.11.0.js:175:175)\n    at Ai (http://localhost:8088/res/perspective/js/react-dom.production.min-16.11.0.js:14:96)\n    at Di (http://localhost:8088/res/perspective/js/react-dom.production.min-16.11.0.js:14:150)","message":"Cannot read property 'city' of undefined","name":"TypeError","logData":{"msg":"Uncaught Exception","errorMsg":"Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'city' of undefined","url":"http://localhost:8088/res/perspective/js/react-dom.production.min-16.11.0.js","line number":15,"column":218}}
14:58:16.479 [Browser Events Thread] INFO Perspective.Designer.BrowserConsole - Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'city' of undefined

The column referenced is always the first column of the table. I created the above error by:

  1. Dragging a table component into my test view
  2. Setting the table props rows/subview/enabled to true and rows/subview/viewPath to a simple view with few components on it (I tried it with icons, labels, and tables, respectively)
  3. Hitting “run” in the Designer, expanding a row, and clicking on the subview area (marked below with a red box for clarity)

That error appears every time you click, with the only exception I found being if you embed another table in the subview and specifically click on that embedded table’s rows. If you click on the embedded table’s header or footer, the error still comes up.

Is there a way to stop this error from happening? The functionality seems to be fine, it’s just cluttering up output consoles any time somebody has to click a subview (which I have happening a lot for my application where I use buttons and input fields inside subviews).