Table tag history and bad quality

is there anyway to filter out bad quality results from the table component using tag history? Some of our devices go in/out of comms and it makes following the data kind of hard.

We’re looking for a good way to accommodate this. The tricky part is that on a multi-column dataset, you can have rows where some of the values have good quality, and some have bad quality. Do you “filter” the entire row if one value has bad quality? We’re not sure of the best way to handle this…

Was there ever a fix for this?

yeah Im still interested :smiley:

There is not a way to filter those record out for the reasons Carl posted previously. You could add a rawData property to the table and make a propertyChange script that takes in the raw dataset and filters it however you want.

The tag history binding works well because you can get it to show data on a chart even if the value has not changed in the database recently but it has the aforementioned problem with tag quality/nulls/etc. However, in order to filter out the bad quality rows of the dataset then we would need the tag history dataset to also have a column for the tag quality and then, yes, we could filter out the data we don’t want.

I spent a little time working on a query and a script that inserts the last good quality database value into the chart data for the most recent period desired. I did use a propertyChange script but found that the chart did not behave with the same fluidity as the tag history data (or just the raw SQL data) and occasionally the date range would have to be moved twice in order to have the chart data update.

Carl mentioned that it would be tricky because it may filter out other data that is of good quality but in my case we have a separate dataset for each value so we can control the chart label/axis independently for each tags data. So a filter would work fine in my case… Just thought I’d mention this last part.