Table; Text in One Column, Tag in Another?

Hi, just trying to make a simple table with the first column being text and the next column being a tag. This is just to display information in my SCADA, like this:

I can get the tags into the table but I can’t figure out how to just enter text in the other column for a label.

Click the binding button on the data property of the table and then select Cell update.
Then you can tie each cell of the table to any value.

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Just as an alternative, if you’re comfortable using code you could also generate the dataset for the table using system.dataset.toDataSet.

header = ['name', 'value']
values = []

windSpeed ='wind speed').value
rainfall ='rainfall').value
windDirection ='wind direction').value

values.append(['wind speed', windSpeed])
values.append(['rainfall', rainfall])
values.append(['wind direction', windDirection])
table = event.source.parent.getComponent('Power Table') = system.dataset.toDataSet(header, values)

If you need to make this refresh periodically you could use a timer.

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Thanks, I got that figured out now. I just need to add text to the cells in column 1. Not sure how to do that?

Do the same thing. Set Column to 1 and then double click the Value and type in what you want.

Edit: It looks like you did that already at the last row. You don’t need the = sign however. Is it not working?

Hi, this is code looks like it would also do what I need. Where would I write this code? Thanks!

tried that too and it won’t show the text. ideas?

The first column has to have a type of ‘string’, not ‘integer’.

You could put this in the actionPerformed event handler of a timer object. Make sure to use the correct path for your table.

Or just click the table dataset button next to the binding button and add the text in there.

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Thanks for the help, I got it figured out!

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