Table variable - Type code

We have several stored procedures that utilize table variables. It would be useful if a type code existed so we can use these variables without having to re-write the stored procedure to handle multiple inputs.

MySQL stored procedures do not have an array/table data type that can used as an argument.

Another possible option is to convert your data into a CSV string and pass the CSV string as an argument to your stored procedures and parse the CSV string in stored procedures into variables.

Thanks for the tip nmudge. Can probably extract the columns quickly in an Ignition script as well. Just trying to save time since the stored procedures are already written.

I should have specified we are using MS SQL Server 2012.


CREATE TYPE TableX AS TABLE ( Name VARCHAR(50), Hours INT ); GO CREATE PROCEDURE dbo. usp_ProcedureX @TableVariable TableX READONLY AS SET NOCOUNT ON ...

... procedure="dbo.usp_ProcedureX" call=system.db.createSProcCall(procedure) call.registerInParam(1, system.db.???, TableVariable) ...

Tried system.db.ARRAY, system.db.STRUCT, system.db.OTHER, but all returned an error. IA’s Technical Support told me this mapping is not supported yet, which is why I posted as a feature request.

ah, I see. Thanks.