Table Width Adjustment on Editable Table Download

I downloaded the editable table template for Factory PMI (I am running Version: 3.3.3 (build 3269)). It works great except I can not change the table widths. The only way I know how is to put it in play mode, change the widths and then put it in normal mode. But when I save it, it goes back to a very narrow first column (where nothing can be read) and a wide second column with 5 times the needed width. What else can I do to set the width on this example. All my other tables work fine (hold the width after saving).

In order to save the width on the table you must do the following:

  1. Go into preview mode
  2. Adjust the width manually
  3. Leave preview mode
  4. Go into the table’s customizer and press OK

Thanks, that did it!