Table with 2 columns

If I have a table with 2 columns one column is an “ID” and one is “NAME”.
This table is populated with a dynamic dataset, which only returns the ID and NAME.

When I click on the NAME how do I read the ID value for that name?

I want to use the ID to populate another dataset but can’t make my query because I don’t know how to
pass the ID value

You can look up the ID value. Even if you have the ID column hidden you can use something like:

{Root Container.Power}[{Root Container.Power Table.selectedRow},0]

In the example above, the 0 would be your column number in the dataset. I’m not sure if your using a power table, regular table or what their called but this should be a starting point. I would also wrap it in a try so you can force a value into it if nothing is found.

I’d create a custom property on the table to do this.

Thanks works well!

OK, I just about have this all working together but can’t get pass this part.

In the insertnote function of the “comment panel” I need to take the “Table 1.ValueID” and apply it to this variable ID=Table 1.ValueID

I’m assumming it has something to do with the scope of Table 1.Value because if I use this
ID=7 or any of my numbers to represent the Inventory ID of the table it will work.

The Table 1.Value is from an expression and is a CUSTOM Property of Table 1

I think I have this finally figured out, will keep you posted.

But thanks again for everybody’s help