Table with data from SQL

I have the set tags I need in historical mode, and they’re running data to a SQL server. I wanted to make a basic table to go under a live graph of said data values. When dragging and dropping this data into the table, it just shows a plethora of reads from the last ten minutes. Mind you all of my data is reading on the hour. How do I just get the data as it looks in the SQL database in a table? And to have it update itself?

Thanks so much in advance.

Have you tried binding the data source of the table to an SQL query:

SELECT * FROM your_table

Your data is reading on the hour: have you set a scan class specific for this? The default historical is 10s

Click on the table, then in the property editor click the right hand icon

Select SQL query, and a polling mode (mouse over for explanation)

All covered on Inductive University

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I’m not currently in a place where I’d be able to hear any of the videos. I have every intention of watching them out of work. Thanks for your pointers.
I’m however looking for it to be on the hour, and where the time is determined on when the table was created.

What other modules do you have? If you have are able to utilise transaction groups, that is the route I would go based on the info you have stated so far.

Every hour, on the hour, log the data once. Then the SQL query is as simple as select * from your_table

Using the historian, the data is inserted by IA in a format that is great for easycharts, and displaying all for a table, but needs more work for selecting specific values.

If you change the scan class to 1 hour not 10s, you have no guarantee it will sync on the hour,

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If you don’t have transaction groups you can run a gateway event script. This can execute when minute = 00, insert into db (?,?) values (what you want, etc).

All the scripting is well documented in the manual, press F1 in the designer for the online version if your development computer has internet access.