Table with SQL list and variable refers to the id list

I am doing in ignition perspective a table list with stations. I have to make a table with 2 colums, 1 name station, 2 status of the station.
I have the querry to the name station, but i don´t know how to get the real time status of the station.
How can ignition do that?
Should i use a script?

Where is the Station Status coming from?

From 20 UDT tags

There are several ways to accomplish this, but they pretty much all boil down to these steps:

  1. Query the database for the list of stations
  2. Read the status from the tags
  3. Combine those two results into a dataset
  4. Move that dataset into the table.

For instance, you could write a gateway timer script that does steps 1-3 and stores the resultant dataset in a memory tag, then bind that tag to the table’s data property.