Tables are not populating in the Database Query Browser

Hi! I am trying to use the Database Query Browser connected to a MYSQL database. As you can see in the screenshot, I can return table information from the MYSQL database but the schema is not populating in the right hand pane. Any advice on how to get the tables in the "Sakila" instance of the MYSQL database to show up in the Schema browser?

Are you looking in the right database?

Database dropdown

Should that be 'sakila'?

The MyMySQL database was showing connected but the URL for the actual database connection was incorrect. I changed the URL and it is working! Thanks for the reply... kinda new to this stuff and appreciate the help. Here is a screenshot of what I had to change to get it to work.

... also a screenshot of the schema populated.

That would do it.
It might be good practice to reference the DB name in the database connection.
e.g., db_conn_sakila.