Tablet Camera Integration


I have an ongoing project which we have bought nexcom tablet pc’s for paperwork replacement on a site, the PC has a built in camera (webcam) is it possible I could capture and image from the camera in Ignition and save it to a database.

This would be a cool feature for the system although not a requirement, just wondered if anyone done someting like this before or had any ideas how to approach it.

not sure about saving directly from the camera, but you can easily do it if you snap the picture and have the jpeg file on the pc.

Thanks For That, The camera had a capture utility and the files appear in a directory where i can use them. I had already explored web and there appears to be Java webcam libraries but may just overcomplicate it to use them.

Further to previous post, the capture utility works but is not great as there is no preview on the screen before the user takes the picture, would prefer to fully integrate this into ignition so the webcam picture is shown as a preview before user presses button to save image.

Any advice on suitable java library’s to use appreciated

Well, if you can make it an IP camera you can use our IP camera viewer component to preview it. It is also possible to use our print function to take a screenshot.