Tablet or PC cart (rolling or stand type)

We have a tight spot to do some QC work and are about to get Ignition going. Rather than purchasing a large and expensive work desk we’re thinking about a tablet and stand/rolling cart or screen and wifi PC on rolling cart (like you might see in a hospital).

Any suggestions folks have used and can recommend.

Usually the stand/cart won’t need to move, just thinking of concept at this point but will need 2-6 soon.

I just got some units from NewCastle Systems and they are great.

My company uses a lot plastic media carts. They are similar to the Entry Level EC series in the link that ryanjmclaughlin posted but much more Spartan.
The plastic makes it easy to drill holes and customize with mounted monitors, or zip-tie brackets & holders, etc. We usually just put laptops on them but there are a few with UPS and desktop PCs and even printers.
You can find them at any office supply store (Staples, Office Max, etc.)

Thank you both. After reevaluating our needs we opted to go with our standard desk/enclosure layout.
Thanks! :grinning: