Tablet PC's and Ignition client

Has anyone used a tablet PC like these to run an Ignition Client? … B00GCX7UA2 … 377&sr=1-1 … B00F2ENU7Y

Just not sure on the Atom processor. The client that we are running would be small and basic project, nothing elaborate with graphics or anything. Mostly just a app to create work orders.

I was also looking at maybe the I5 tablets like these, but they are double the price. … 97&sr=1-24 … B00BE5T2TA

IIRC, our QA dept has been playing with the Dell Venue Pro running Win8, and has been happy with the results. It’s one of the few tablets that doesn’t need the mobile module, since it can run Java.

yeah I definitely want to stay away from the mobile module. There are many tablet options now running full windows 8(not RT which wont run java), the real difference will be in the processors. I found a acer tablet that is an I3 based processor, which seems like it would work much better than the atom based processors. price is $519, which is a little cheaper than some of the other non atom options that I listed.

Sorry for the minor resurrection.

What were the results? Which one did you pick out and why? Inquiring minds… :mrgreen:

we went with the acer. it came with a case and keyboard and had a more powerful processor. outside of a few changes to scripts for mousereleased, it seems to be working really well. It also scaled well to the smaller screen.