TabStrip Arrows blocking tab

We recently noticed an issue with an existing tab strip where a set of right/left arrows have appeared overlayed over one of the tabs (We recently upgraded to 7.9.12 but are not sure if this caused it). Pressing the arrows scrolls the tab strip a little to the left or right. Its almost as if the component is slightly too small for the tabs but expanding the component does not resolve it. Also, they only show up at runtime (not in the designer).

We would like to remove/hide these arrows. Thanks!


That’s the normal behavior for a tab strip when it doesn’t have enough room to show all tabs fully.

If you are using anchored layout, be sure to make it stretch so it will be able to claim any additional space.

It looks like you have quite a bit of space between your tabs. You could space those closer together and / or back off on the rounded corners some.