Tabstrip names


Just one feature request, -the ability to use names on the tabstrip that are different from the actual display names they navigate to.

For example I have two water treatment plants and wish to have all the displays in relevant folders i.e. one called WTP1 and the other called WTP2
I would like to have different tabstrips depending on which water treatment plant I am looking at as they are different designs.

Currently it seems I am forced to use names such as WTP1/main show on the tab strip since I can’t find a way to have a tab called ‘Main’ point to a display that has a different name/path i.e. ‘WTP1/main’

If there is a way of doing this I would like to know. Otherwise if there is not can this be a feature request?



If I understand what you want to do correctly, you can already do this. You set each tab’s ‘Tab Name’ property to the path of the file you want to open, and its ‘Display Name’ property to the text you want to display on the tab.