Tabstrip- Selected tabs 'Display Name"?


How can I get the Selected Tabs Display name from a tab strip component ?


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Yes, but not directly.
On tab strips, you can’t ask for the row index number. So we have to get the row index number on our own.

Add the following code to the Mouse Clicked Event Handler on the Tab Strip:

#Let's get the required varibles
data = event.source.tabData
rowName = event.source.selectedTab
#Set the display name to a broken string
rowDisplayName = "This do not work"

#Let's get the row index number since we can't just ask.
for row in range(data.rowCount):
	test = data.getValueAt(row,"NAME")
	#If we find the row Name we are looking for then get the Display Name and break.
	if test == rowName:
		rowDisplayName = data.getValueAt(row,"DISPLAY_NAME")

#Push the Display Name to a Label on the screen.
event.source.parent.getComponent('Label').text = rowDisplayName

Push Display Name where ever you want it. I pushed it to a label.


Thanks! Chris. :thumb_right: