Tag alarm not reaching pipeline

I have an alarm pipeline that works and verified it works through another simple tag. However, when I tie it to another tag alarm that checks if a condition is true or false…it never reaches the pipeline. There are roughly 500 tags that will have this alarm. I see the alarm getting activated through the tag browser and through the alarm event data but it never reaches the pipeline. Is there a possibility that there are just too many alarms that are being activated at the same time that it won’t allow it to go to the pipeline?


Double check that in the configuration for your alarm, that you have the Pipeline Selected in the “Active Pipeline” field. If this is selected, and you still are not receiving notifications for this tag, but you are for other tags, this would probably be best to troubleshoot with our support team, rather than here on the forums.

You can reach our support department here:

I am having the same issue. Only memory tags reach the pipeline- (I can make cleared alarms on reference tags go through by disabling and enabling the alarm eval enable in the tag and changing the alarm to be cleared- to workable)